Our 'Yappy' Clients

Here are some amazing testimonials from our fantastic clients.

Little Roman came all the way from Romania and before he could even settle into his new home was whisked to the vets for an operation to fix a broken leg. I remember his first vet visit where I asked if he was in pain and the vet said ‘yes a lot, but he knows no different so is just dealing with it’ I cried so much thinking this little puppy had known nothing but pain, knowing it wasn’t going to end straight away. We were offered amputation or a much more costly fix – they would literally have to pull the bone apart again and pin it back together – no guarantees. Yappy were amazing. Without hesitation they said ‘let’s try and fix the leg’. So Roman’s new home started with an operation, days at the vets, then home for weeks in a crate so he couldn’t move. He had no fun and looked sad and confused. He must have hated me, but he didn’t show it. Fast forward a few years and my chunky baby adores his family. And he has 4 working legs! He has 2 older (and much bigger) brothers who he bosses. He has a little human who has grown with him – they are literally best friends. And he gives me so much love – we hug a lot every single day. It’s his favourite thing in the whole world.

Michele M

What can i say about Louise and Yappy Ever After?? Nothing but praise!! Her love for these animals shines through in everything she does. Ive had the best experience ever dealing with Louise, she found our family our loving Rotty “Zenny”. Yappy Ever After does a fantastic job looking after and rehoming these vulnerable animals. Thank you X

Steve P

“Louise at Yappy helped me so much when I had to rehome my beautiful dog Lucy.   Nothing was too much trouble for the happiness and well-being of her and she is now living the best ever life with a lovely couple, who are with her 24/7.  We will always be so grateful to Louise for this”.

Sally B

“We asked to adopt a bonded pair of Labradors from Yappy- to our delight we were chosen after a thorough home check. We were fully supported by Louise- three years on I can still go to her and know she is there to help. Cannot recommend this charity highly enough – just the best!”

Joanna E

At the end of September in 2015, I drove to the DEFRA kennels and picked up a very small yellow labrador called Miska (now called Dolly). She was so quiet on the journey back to Oxfordshire I had to stop twice to check she was still in the car. Not a peep out of her! She met my other three dogs in the garden with no issues, but later when we attempted to coax her into the house, she was very hesitant. I had to run a line of sausage and cheese to persuade her to come through the door. Coming inside was obviously very frightening! Giving a rescue dog time to “unpack their bags” is one of the most important things you can give any rehomed dog. The trip from Romania must’ve been quite frightening for her but giving her time to settle was of paramount importance. Over the years Dolly has passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen assessments in Bronze, Silver & Gold. Being such a quiet girl who only wants to be loved, I put her forward for assessment as a Pets As Therapy dog and we were immediately accepted. Dolly now works in a primary school, helping children with learning disabilities or behavioural issues, giving them “Dolly Time”, when they can read to her (she doesn’t criticise) or just walk or cuddle her. What a journey from an unwanted girl from Romania to much loved family pet here in the UK. Thank you Yappy – you’ve given us the best gift ever!!

Jane A

My partner and I run a campsite and bike shop in the heart of Derbyshire next to our home so we spend all of our time in the great outdoors, the only thing that was missing from our already great life was the comfort, friendship and companionship of a lovely dog. Lots of chats went back and forth about possibly rescuing and everywhere I went I snuggled people’s’ dogs.. it was inevitable it had got to happen so we started to look at the rescues. We had decided that a Labrador would suit our lifestyle and we applied for a couple without success. Luckily we fell upon Yappy Ever After and very soon up popped the most beautiful dog I had ever seen… it was Milo!! We looked at him so many times and just couldn’t stop, he was stunningly handsome so I applied.. quickly! Thinking we didn’t stand a chance we tried to put our eager thoughts to one side but then we got a message to say we were being offered a home check, Yappy came to see me really quickly and it was all just meant to be.. Milo joined us within just a few days as a foster and there was never any doubt about us adopting him. Milo is now the Camp and Bike Barn mascot and he spends his days welcoming customers, inviting himself into tents, sharing BBQ’s and just living his best life, he is totally adored by everyone who visits and in his eyes everyone visits to see him!! We will remain thankful to Yappy for their efficient and thorough homing skills and also for matching us with this beautiful boy! Our chosen charity on camp is now Yappy Ever After and we hope to raise lots of money to help many more dogs who are lucky enough to find their way to Louise and her amazing team

Sharon & Gez

“After losing my 2 dogs 6 months apart I swore I’d never have another! 18months later Habbie came up on yappy ever after dog rescue page. We went to meet him at his foster home and went for a walk with him. We instantly fell in love with his personality and his cute looks so we bought him home. His reasons for surrender were that he was destructive and messed in the house . ( I didn’t tell my partner that). Habbie is perfect, he has had no accidents in the house or chewed anything up in the 18 months we have had him. I’ve suffered terribly with anxiety since COVID-19 and Habbie has been my reason to keep going. Everyone local loves him and he’s such a friendly dog . He actually screams with excitement when he sees his dog sitter coming down the path. I can’t thank yappy enough for this amazing, gorgeous, funny and spoilt boy”

Tina G

We lost our 13 year old rescue Labrador in the January and were broken hearted . We thought no one could replace him then ….. I saw Darcy on a work friends Facebook page. She is so beautiful and I knew from her story of being passed around that she needed us as much as we soon realised we needed her in our lives . We filled in the application form and waited . After a couple of days Vickie came around to vet us and much to our delight we passed the test. The day we met Vickie with Darcy to bring her home was amazing. Although very insecure at first Darcy soon settled and has healed our hearts . Not only ours but all our family and grandchildren adore her but none more than my husband they are inseparable and she keeps him fit with at least 5 miles walked daily which they both love. Darcy is not only beautiful and adored but also very clever she obeys many commands including sit, wait , lay down , on your bed and say please . And has her own settee in the lounge after Jez telling Vickie dogs aren’t allowed on the settee! That didn’t last long. We adore her and can’t thank Yappy dog rescue enough for approving us to be Darcys parents .

Fiona W

An amazing rescue that gives every dog their best life no matter what the circumstances! We received first class support during an emergency with our foster placement.  Our dinky diva got the very best treatment and is now a permanent member of our family! Fabulous rescue with a huge heart xxx

Rachel A

We have three Yappy pups (four in total) and the support we received as fosters was second to none and knowing Louise always follows their progress is lovely. I’ve also seen the true Yappy nurturing as one of my pups is still followed on Facebook by his Romanian mummy and she has given me all his story which helps me know his fears and anxieties. Yappy forever xxx

Carmen H

Big, small, skinny, tall, you name it…Yappy deals with them all. From a Romanian street dog, to my now big daft Rottweiler, with a Yorkshire terrier, shih tzu and bedlington passing through. Want happy?? ALWAYS choose YAPPY!

Hanna F

We became first time fosterers for this rescue when ‘Bear’ was placed with us as an elderly bad tempered long term foster!. He arrived with many trust issues, wouldn’t make eye contact, wouldn’t be touched etc. With patience guidance& a wealth of knowledge the rescue worked with us & helped us to turn him into a loving, gentle, calm old boy. We are blessed to see his transformation and we love him.

Claire H

A transparent, accountable rescue.  Ensuring the best match for dog and owner.  Driven by their love for dogs.  I highly recommend Yappy Ever After.

Adele B

I can’t believe we were lucky enough to get Ari and Dona. Yappy Ever After really care about the dogs. So pleased they kept this “married couple” as a bonded pair. Their foster mum did a great job.

Martin D