Surrendering Your Dog

Why Choose Yappy?

Are you looking to rehome your dog? There are many ways you can do this but not all of them are safe. The best option is to go through a reputable rescue such as ourselves. Here at Yappy Ever After, we take pride in the service and care that we offer and you can be sure that, if you need to surrender your dog, they will always be safe once with us. We provide photos and updates to previous owners on request, so you can see your dog thriving in their new home for the rest of their lives. If your dog has a medical issue, we will treat them, whatever the cost. If your dog is elderly, we will provide a safe haven for the rest of their lives. Not all rescues are equal and we take great pride in ALWAYS putting the needs of our dogs first.

What we offer at Yappy:

  • 24/7 support to all fosterers/adopters to help your dog settle into their new life
  • No kennels – our dogs are cared for in foster homes
  • Full vaccinations
  • Flea and Worm Treatment
  • Neuter/Spay
  • Vet Health Check
  • Microchip (and changed over to new owners when adopted)
  • Application process to match suitability
  • Home checks for prospective adopters
  • Lifelong back up (your dog will never be passed on)
  • Photo updates for previous owners

If you need to rehome your dog, then please get in touch with us.  Selling them on through selling sites is so very dangerous, please consider us instead as your first option.  Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch if we can help.  Filling in the form is not an automatic acceptance of your dog but it’s the first step in ensuring you are providing a safe path for your new dog into their new life.  If we cannot take your dog ourselves, we will advise alternative reputable rescues if we can.