Foster A Dog


With so many dogs being surrendered to rescue, we never have enough foster homes to cope with the huge numbers of dogs we get asked to help. This is why by joining our fostering team you are helping one more dog out of a shelter, out of a bad home and out of the cycle of selling sites where they can end up being passed from home to home every few weeks, having no stability in their lives and progressively becoming more and more psychologically damaged.

Fostering involves looking after one of our dogs in your home until they are ready to find their forever home. This is usually for a period of around 2-3 weeks while we update their vaccinations, neuter them and treat the various health issues they often arrive with into the rescue. After that time, you have the option to adopt them yourselves or you can wave them off to their forever homes, knowing you have been that vital stepping-stone in the journey of safe rescue.

All vet bills are paid by the rescue whilst in foster and foster-homes are asked to provide the food, exercise and cuddles! If you would like any further information about what fostering involves, please get in touch via the website.