Hunter – In Rehab

  • Gender Male
  • Breed French bulldog
  • Age: 4 years
  • Adoption fee £300

We are looking for a foster with a view to adopt home for Hunter, a 4-year-old French bulldog who came to us recently due to his challenging behaviour.

Hunter has been in foster for a few weeks and is doing well, but unfortunately he is struggling with his foster mum’s longer shifts and we therefore think it would be a good time to move him to a foster with a view to adopt home if we can. This needs to be done quite quickly as he will be left longer next week than we would like him to be.

Hunter needs someone with bulldog experience, used to their stubbornness, occasional dominance and clingy nature. Hunter displays all three of these behaviours and he can occasionally snap if removed from furniture or something is taken from him. The rest of time he is cuddly, loving and relaxed. He travels well in the car, isn’t reactive to other dogs on his walks.

Hunter ideally needs a homeworker and a child-free, pet-free home. He doesn’t like strangers but will eventually warm to visitors when he realises the aren’t a threat to him.

Hunter may be hard work at first, or he may trot into your home and be absolutely perfect. Either way, we need to find someone who is happy to accept either scenario. Most dogs eventually settle and in the right environment a lot of the issues resolve. But as I always say, sometimes you have to manage what you can fix ….and there is always a way if you want to find it.

Please don’t apply if you have children, other dogs/cats and are at home for the majority of time. If you match this criteria, please fill in an application form.