Boris – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Male
  • Age: Two years old
  • Breed British bulldog
  • Adoption fee £300

Hi I’m Boris!

I’m am a two-year-old British Bulldog and I come from a very loving home. I’ve been described in the past as boisterous and unfortunately I’m a little too strong, loud and energetic to be around the brand new tiny human baby in my old home, so I’m looking for my next loving family that likes short stubby (castrated) blokes like me!

Due to my sheer strength and clumsiness I would need to go in a child free home or with older children that can cope with my strength and boisterousness when I want to play. I’m probably not best suited to smaller younger children even though I seem to like them. I have a very mild and gentle nature but I don’t know my own strength when I’m in play mode!

I like following my foster-dad around the house – he’s fun and I like it when he plays tug with me. I also like lots of tugging strong toys around me to chew on. I also love nothing more than to climb up on foster mum on the sofa and sit on her chest with my head on a cushion and snooze for hours on end! (With the occasional break for a quick bark at a cat or a passing car obviously)

I used to be an only dog but currently I have a foster sister and I have been really good with her. I am very respectful and calm around her and I play nicely and listen to all her suggestions when she tells me to leave her alone! So I think I would be happy to consider living with another dog. I’m not too fussed on the cats in my foster home though but I do like chasing them! So maybe a cat free home would be best and I promise to keep all the stinky cats out of your garden if you like! (will work for cheese!)

I’m not a big eater but I know how to sit nicely to get treats and with time and patience (and cheese) you could probably get me to do other stuff for treats but I’m not fussed on coming when you call me. I prefer to play games with my harness instead of just putting it on straight away like a good boy but it won’t take you long to learn how to get me in it! I don’t mind it really, even though I make a fuss!

I could do with losing a bit of weight and I have special food to help with allergies so I need a strict diet and exercise routine.

I need someone who is willing to wipe my bum when I’ve been to the loo and put cream on me when my skin itches. I have an important skincare routine to keep on top of you know! Got to look my best at all times!! But you will need to keep a close eye on me for rashes and skin infections and my tiny tail can cause me a bit of bother sometimes so it has to be kept nice and clean back there!

I’m a big boy and I sleep alone in my own bed downstairs with all my toys around me and I don’t wake anyone in the night (I would probably be up for sleeping on the bed if you let me though) Ive not had any accidents in the house day or night. I do snore a lot so you might have to turn the tv up a little louder when I’m snuggled on the sofa with you!

I only need a couple of short walks in a day due to my breeding and not too far. (Ive only got little legs and I don’t breath all that well) I do love a run around the garden chasing balls and toys and my foster sister though, so I would like a decent sized safe garden to exercise in. Fully enclosed as I will climb and try and fit through gaps especially if a cat is involved in anyway. I love chasing those the most!