Ralph – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Male
  • Breed French bulldog
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Adoption fee £300

Ralph is a 5-year-old French bulldog looking for his forever home. Ralph came to us last year and due to his deep-seated behavioural issues he’s stayed in foster for quite a while.

We have a fantastic, in-depth foster assessment write-up on Ralph that we are happy to send on for anyone who is interested in adopting Ralph.

He needs a quiet, calm home where he isn’t left for long periods of time. Ralph is a complex and confused little dog (something we are seeing more and more with this breed) and he will need a committed and patient home.

He needs to be pet-free and child-free and experience of bulldogs (French or otherwise) would be preferable.

Ralph does suffer with his skin and is on half a tablet of Apoquel. He is raw fed and this has improved his skin considerably.

Ralph is an anxious dog and will react in an aggressive manner by lunging if he feels uncomfortable in a situation, usually involving visitors/strangers. It will take time for Ralph to adjust to a new home but once he has you’ll have a faithful little companion and protector for life.

Ralph can be adopted anywhere in the UK, though it would be good idea to have a couple of meets with Ralph before taking him home so a close locality to Nottingham may be advisable.