Ivy – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Female
  • Breed Labrador Retriever
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Adoption fee £300
  • Children? 10+
  • Dogs? Yes
  • Cats? Not tested
  • Where in foster? Hinckley
  • Ongoing Rescue Care: Needs to stay local to rescue to be spayed.

Ivy is a sweet-natured girl. She is timid and shy at first, but after lots of cuddles and reassurance she loves to be by your side. She does still need some reassurance out on walks and in unfamiliar places because she is still learning about the world but she is a quick learner and has grown so much in confidence since she has been in foster. She’s unsure of the lead in the house but as soon as she is outside, she walks well. She isn’t aggressive at all. However her arch nemesis is her own reflection- she can growl and snap at herself in mirrors, the TV or glass doors which sometimes results in a nervous wee so this is something new owners need to work on. She is easily distracted, however, and soon forgets the imposter dog in the room! Ivy has met children and other dogs on walks and although very timid (a little nervous wee with other dogs) she was very submissive and gentle. Similarly she is shy of visitors but curiosity wins out- a couple ear scratches and biscuits and she’s happy. She settles well at night and sleeps in her bed. Ivy still needs to learn how to play and needs help understanding what toys are but she loves a cuddle and nap on the sofa/in her bed”. Ivy came to the rescue as an ex-breeding bitch, though we believe she has only had one litter. She can go with children of 10+ (as she has never lived with children) and she does need to go with another dog as this will help her to navigate her new, outside world as a playmate, a guide and a companion to cuddle up with at night. Ivy will need to stay local to Derby, Nottingham or Burton-on-Trent as she will need to be spayed by our vets (paid for by the rescue) at a safe time in her cycle.


Under assessment – in a foster home.