Dexter – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Male
  • Breed: Labrador
  • Age: 18 months old
  • Adoption fee £300
  • Children? 6+
  • Dogs? Yes
  • Cats? Not tested
  • Ongoing Rescue Care: Vet care is complete
  • Where in Foster Derby

Dexter is a charming and exuberant young chocolate Labrador retriever who exudes sweetness and energy. His playful nature is evident in his love for toys and games of fetch, while his keen sense of smell makes him an ideal candidate for sniffer training. Dexter's interactions with his foster siblings, Penny and Buddy, showcase his enjoyment of roughhousing and tumbling, suggesting that he would thrive in a home with similarly energetic canine companions. Post-castration, Dexter has demonstrated progress in his recall training, though he can still be distracted by other dogs and may occasionally wander off. However, he typically returns after a friendly greeting, indicating that further training will solidify his recall skills. Dexter displays good manners while on a lead, responding well to heelwork training. However, reinforcement of this training may be necessary to ensure continued obedience. Like many Labradors, Dexter prefers not to be left alone but can settle comfortably in his crate when necessary. His affectionate nature is evident in his tendency to snuggle with his human or canine companions. Dexter is now fully vaccinated and castrated. He is 18 months old. He has lived with young children in the past with no problems at all, but he very bouncy so would be best suited to children of 8+. Dexter is not cat tested so will need a cat-free home. Dexter can be rehomed a little further afield as his vet care is complete.


Under assessment – in a foster home.