Jed – Needs a Foster Home

  • Gender Male
  • Breed Bichon Frise
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Adoption fee £200

Also needing a foster home for next weekend is Jed, a 7-year-old bichon who has bitten a stranger while off lead (which is out of character for him). He’s always been reactive on the lead but has been fine with off lead to both humans and dogs until this incident.
His current owners are worried about future problems and would rather he be rehomed safely through a rescue.

Jed is perfect in the home. He lives with children (8 and 12) and is absolutely fine around them. He also lives with another bichon who he loves. He doesn’t like scooters or bicycles and will lunge and snap at them.

Jed can live with dog savvy children (8+) and we would like him to go with another similar-sized dog, preferably female as we believe another dog will help him to settle. Jed has some separation anxiety so will need someone around for most of the time.

Jed originally lived with both of his parents but, when his elderly owner died, her partner decided to emigrate and euthanise the dogs. Thankfully they were all rescued by a workmen doing a job on the house who couldn’t leave them to their fate so he took them all home. Jed’s parents have been successfully rehomed elsewhere and we want to make sure Jed finds his forever home without having to move on again. His current family are devastated to let him go but don’t feel they are the right home for him.