Una – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Female
  • Breed Cocker Spaniel (Working)
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Adoption fee £200
  • Children? 12+
  • Dogs? No
  • Cats? Not tested
  • Where in foster? Nottingham
  • Ongoing Rescue Care: Will need to stay local to rescue for neutering

Una is now ready for adoption. Here is her foster-mum’s write-up … “Una is as sweet as she looks. She is playful, funny and very gentle. She sleeps in her bed although will often creep into my bed in the early hours for a cuddle.. She will steal socks and hide them. Una likes to be with her human. So someone who is at home most of the time would suit her best. Time spent on her own will need to be built up. She will shower you with kisses and love. Una will bark at people who come to the house. Some of this I believe to be fear but I also think some of this is learnt behaviour as well she will also bark at people she knows well or who have re-entered the room . A few treats from new people or ignoring her works well. She occasionally barks at people when on walks but I think this is habit and is getting less frequent. I have seen no signs of aggression. She's a little tuggy on the lead but she's only little and this is not causing any problems. She is keen to please and lead work is being worked on. She's quite adaptable, enjoying a couple of shorter walks a day or long walks in the fields. She's largely indifferent to dogs and although has met a couple would be best suited as being the only dog as she came to the rescue because of problems between her and other resident dogs. She likes the car and travels well”. Una has just turned 7 years old. She will need to stay local to Derby, Nottingham or Burton so she can be spayed at one of our vets when safest time to do. Una has not been around children at all so will need an older child/child-free home (12+).


Under assessment – in a foster home.