Casper – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Male
  • Breed Springer spaniel
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Adoption fee £200
  • Children? Teenage plus
  • Dogs? Yes
  • Cats? Not tested
  • Where in Foster Derbyshire

Casper is an 8-year-old springer spaniel who came to us due to his owner’s working hours changing and Casper struggling with being on his own all day. Casper is a very affectionate dog who can also be a little clingy. He is fine with other dogs but he also likes to be with humans and have plenty of attention so would either be fine as an only dog or with a placid and laidback dog who isn’t liable to challenge his constant desire to be near his humans. He is in foster with a little Jack Russell at the moment and is great with him. Casper is well behaved, responsive to commands and great off the lead. He is a puller on the lead, however, so will need someone who is happy to work on this. Casper is in foster on a farm with acres of land so hasn’t had much lead training but there are lots of harnesses and head-collars that help with dogs who pull so please don’t let this put you off applying for him. Casper is a bit wary of visitors and would rather approach them in his own time otherwise he may snap, though he has never made contact/bitten so this is simply a warning that he wants more space. Casper can also growl if asked to move from his bed, but this is easily dealt with by walking away from him as he doesn’t like to be on his own and will leave his bed to follow you. He is also not comfortable being stroked across his backend and will sometimes give a warning grumble. He does have a little arthritis in his hips and takes Rimadyl for this, which will need to continued in his forever home. Casper is in foster in Derbyshire.


Under assessment – in a foster home.