Ella – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Female
  • Breed Crossbreed
  • Age: 1 year old
  • Adoption fee £300

We are looking for a forever home for Ella, a one-year-old Romanian crossbreed who came to us last year as a puppy. Ella was rehomed but unfortunately is now starting to fight quite badly with the other dog in the home. This is usually over toys or food but as the other dog is smaller he is coming off worse and they are now having to be separated all the time. This is making life incredibly stressful and her family have reluctantly asked us to find her another home.

Ella is very good with children and is incredibly gentle around them. We would place her with older children (8+), although she has been around much younger children without any issues at all.

Ella can be quite reactive to people and other dogs when she’s on the lead so a more rural setting for her would be ideal so she can learn to relax a bit on her walks and let her guard down.

Ella is a really affectionate dog who loves cuddles. Her family want her to find a home where she is the centre of their world and as she definitely has some collie in her genes, a home with experience of collies or overseas dogs would be perfect – though not essential.

Ella is crate trained and housetrained. She is currently in Derby.