Bayley – Ready for Adoption

  • Gender Male
  • Breed Cocker Spaniel
  • Age: 4 years
  • Adoption fee £300

Bayley is now ready for his forever home.

Bayley came to us several weeks ago after biting his new owner on the hand an hour after buying him. His previous owner wouldn’t take him back so he went to kennels as an emergency that night and we took him on as we feared he may ending up being PTS.

Bayley is four years old and, while he has improved hugely in his foster home, he does still have a tendency to guard items. His foster-carers have been fantastic with him and don’t panic or freak out when he growls and guards, they simply ignore him or distract him with a something else and the moment eventually passes. He has never lunged at or bitten them, but has snapped at farm staff in the foster home.

He is currently living on a farm and while this is the perfect environment for him, Bayley does sometimes become a little overwhelmed and has nipped at a couple of the employees entering the house. A crate has since been set up for Bayley to seek solace sanctuary and he goes in there quite happily if it gets a little busy for him. Bayley never has any problems with people outside on the farm.

Bayley cannot go to a home with children for obvious reasons.

He absolutely loves other dogs, however, and really needs a playmate or two in his forever home. A calm, but playful dog would be the ideal pairing for him.

He will chase cats.

Bayley would suit a similar setting to the one he’s in now ideally. His guarding behaviour is much more likely to occur in enclosed spaces so a spacious home with lots of opportunity to be outside would be perfect for him. As an energetic spaniel, keeping him busy is imperative so life on a farm has been ideal for him to run around and burn off most of his energy.

Bayley is a funny, affectionate and complex little man who definitely needs a more experienced home who will give him the time and space he needs to fully settle.