Toby – Needs a Foster Home

  • Gender Male
  • Breed Maltese x Bichon
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Adoption fee £300

Toby is joining us soon and he needs a foster home, preferably with a view to adopt if all goes well.

Toby is a ”Maltichon” (Maltese x Bichon) and he is three years old.

Toby is coming to us due to episodic snappiness around one member of the household (usually when he is already stressed) but as there is a new baby the family are worried about his safety and are keeping them separate at all times.

Toby seems to bond very much with one person so he would suit a one-person household or a dynamic where both members of the household are around an equal amount of time and feeding/walking is shared so Toby doesn’t form more of an attachment to one person. He has never snapped at his main carer and has only made contact with a snap once to his co-owner, leaving a small bruise.

Toby needs a child-free and pet-free home.

If you would like to foster/adopt Toby please fill in an application form. We will consider homes out of our usual area as Toby has already been castrated.