Nala – Under Assessment

  • Gender Female
  • Breed English Bull Terrier cross
  • Age: 7 months old
  • Adoption fee £300

We are still looking for a foster home for Nala. Her emergency home can only keep her for a few days as they get married next week so we are looking for a foster with a view to adopt home. Nala is 7 months old and an English Bull Terrier cross.

Nala is a typical bull in a China shop puppy, built like a tank already. Great with other dogs but would be too much for an older dog who wants a bit of peace and quiet. She needs a similarly built dog as she’s solid and could unintentionally injure a smaller/slighter dog.

Ideally needs to be in foster in the midlands area but will consider further afield for the right home as really want her in an “EBT home”. No young kids as she’s still quite nippy.