Meet Our Team


Louise has always loved animals, especially dogs, and wanted to be an animal nurse when she was a little girl.  Sadly that was not to be, but she got to live her very early dream of having her own dog rescue.  This came about after being involved in helping to get free to a good home dogs from selling sites safe rescue spaces when they were advertised on pet-selling sites as she was aware of the dangers of giving dogs away, having seen horror stories on her Facebook newsfeed constantly. 


After becoming more recognised in the rescue world, She was asked to help two little Staffordshire Bull Terrier pups as an emergency who were being given away for free locally and who “needed to be gone tonight”. She picked up two very scared and smelly pups to bring back to her house and her heart broke for these vulnerable little babies. They could have ended up anywhere and with anyone and as they were free (although this price went up to £80 each when the owner saw how concerned she was) they could have ended up being used in dog-fighting as bait or passed from home to home for the rest of their lives. They went to a reputable rescue, but Louise was desperate to help more dogs.  

An amazing friend of hers contacted Louise and offered to donate £500 to her to “start rescuing dogs” and that is what she did. Yappy Ever After was born, but it was only meant to be a small rescue with three or four dogs in foster-homes at one time.  Fate, however, had other ideas and Yappy has gone from strength to strength, with it becoming charity-registered in 2015 due to its success.  It can be stressful, heart-breaking and such hard work, but it is worth every second and Louise is immensely proud of it.


Lori is a married mother of 2 little girls. She has always had rescue animals but became involved in Romanian rescue when she found her dog Pippin on Facebook through a charity that rescues dogs from abroad. Due her her daughter only being 4 months old at the time the RSPCA and other rescues wouldn't allow the family to adopt, even though they could provide a loving home. Once Pippin entered their family, Lori became more aware of the cruelty happening abroad and started spending her time helping a Romanian charity to rehome their dogs.

Now owned by 3 dogs, 2 of which are Romanian she spends her time with her family and being a Trustee for Yappy.

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