Can you help a rescue dog start unpacking their baggage?

Do you live in or within a reasonable driving distance to any of these areas: Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Dudley, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Northampton, St. Helens, Walsall or Wolstanton?  Even if you don’t live in one of those areas you will be considered.

We always place our rescue dogs in foster homes which enables us to assess how they react to different situations and work on their house training and socialisation where required. This is usually a minimum of two weeks and until they find a forever home . This also makes the transition for dogs used to living in a home much less stressful.
We have a network of foster carers but we are always in need of more volunteers.  As a fosterer you will play an extremely valuable role in reintegrating our dogs into a normal loving family environment. In our experience rescue dogs have a much smoother transition into their permanent homes if they have received care and rehabilitation from a committed foster home.

All we ask is that you cover the cost of the food and give the dog lots of love.  We cover any vet costs, should your foster dog need the vet.  If you want to read more about Fostering check out some of the success stories on our website
Foster carers will receive the support of a dedicated Foster Co-ordinator and there is a secure foster carer group on Facebook for you to join to share stories and get as much support as you need!
Get in touch today if you think you could be the perfect foster parent!

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