Breed: Labrador Cross

Age: 12 Years

Gender: Male

Isaac is a Romanian dog, originally called Oldie, who came to us in March 2018. He was rescued from a shelter where he was often picked on in the fight for food and was in a terrible condition. He is thought to be around 12 years old, but his previous life has taken a toll on him.   He is on pain relief for his joints and sensitive vet food for him tummy. Not many people will take on an older dog with an expensive monthly vet bill so we decided to make him a long-term foster and he has stayed with his lovely foster-mum, Sue.


Isaac will be on lifelong mediation to manage his pain and sensitive stomach and this, along with any other veterinary care he will need, will be funded by Yappy for the rest of his life.

If you would like to donate directly to Isaac's vet care please click the link above to do so via Paypal.  Otherwise see our 'Donate' page to learn more.