Breed: Border Collie

Age:  5 Years

Gender: ​5 Years

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with cats?  No

Can live with kids?  Older only 10 +

Mollie came to us around three and a half years ago and is now around five years old. She had originally come to was because she didn’t get on with the dog in the household and as she was said to be unpredictable, we placed her with a couple who had no other pets and no children. Since that time, however, a baby has joined the family and they don’t feel he is completely safe with Mollie’s occasional jealous behaviour around him when she is being fussed.


Mollie has always been very good around other children, however, in fact her owner is a childminder so there are always children around the home. Mollie can also sometimes be reactive to other dogs on her walks if they invade her space, but she is in foster with six other collie types now and loves being part of a pack. She loves chasing her ball and her recall is excellent off the lead. We would like Mollie to go to an active home, ideally one with an experience of the breed who appreciates how much exercise and stimulation they need to enjoy life to the full.  If you are interested in adopting Mollie please fill in a form.