Ari and Dona

Breed: Bearded Collie Cross (Ari) and                         Tibetian Terrier (Dona)

Age: 8 Years

Gender:  Male and Female

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with cats?  Yes

Can live with kids?  Yes

Ari and Dona - or as they have become known - Harry and Donny. They arrived in the UK on the 10th November after spending 8 months in rescue in Serbia.

They have enjoyed 8 years of living together in a loving family home with children and cats before their owner had to face the heartbreaking decision to find a new home for them due to ill health.

Ari, thought to be a bearded collie cross, is a gentle soul who has typical collie mannerisms and intelligence. In 3 short weeks they have both grasped the English language and Ari has continued with his tricks - paw, high five, sit, wait etc. He loves a belly rub and will soon tell you off with a gentle paw if you stop too soon.

Ari will soon react if Dona gives chase and but has recently really perked up taking the lead on walks. He forgets that he is middle aged at times and makes everyone laugh when he tries to jump over the arm of the sofa and gets stuck midway! Loves to travel in the car and will put his chin on your shoulder to watch where he is being taken or sit with his head out of the window with Dona watching the world pass by.

Dona - Tibetan Terrier and a typical terrier, she has not enjoyed her time in rescue in Serbia and needs a little bit more reassurance, but when we say reassurance what we mean is lots of belly rubs! She has happily lived with cats previously but hasn't been quite so happy to share the attention with her foster mum and gets quite vocal, to say the least. With time she will learn to cope again but she's just a little unsettled and just has to be the boss! Very dog savvy and understanding cats required to cope!

Dona definitely wears the trousers and Ari will grumble at her if she gets too much but he really is just quite happy to follow her lead.

Both Ari and Dona are amazing off lead in the countryside with great recall, even with their new names, will sit patiently to be given their tea and treats, have only had one accident in the house whilst in foster care, will ask to go out if they can't wait and are happy to keep each other company if you need to go out for a few hours.

Described as an old married couple they also get mistaken for mother and son due to their similarities, but one thing is for sure, everyone who meets them falls instantly in love with them and cannot believe how well behaved they are considering the changes they have experienced in the last 9 months.

These two MUST stay together and will make the most loving of pets and they offer so much love!  We will NOT consider rehoming these dogs separately!

If you are interested in adopting Ari and Dona please fill in an application.  


Just ask their foster mum and the little adults who have had the pleasure of looking after them and know how special they are and you are guaranteed to have your heart stolen instantly ❤ ❤

Normal homecheck and adoption fees will apply.