Breed: Crossbreed

Age: 1 -2 Years

Gender: Male

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with cats?  Possibly

Can live with kids?  Older

Andy is around a year old and he came to us from Romania as a very scared boy who cowered in a corner, hardly daring to make eye contact in case this resulted in him being hurt again.

Andy has come on so much under the loving care of his foster-parents although he can still be wary of new people, especially men, probably because he suffered more at the hands of them. There is no aggression, only fear, but with kindness and patience he learns to trust very quickly.

He hasn’t lived with children while in foster so we are looking for a child-free/older child home, especially as he can be timid. He is great with other dogs and we really feel he would benefit from a home with another confident dog who will help him feel safe. Andy was apparently good with cats in Romania, but hasn’t lived with them since coming to the UK.

We would like a calm home for Andy and experience with rommie dogs would be preferable but not essential as long as you are aware that he may be shy at first.

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