Breed: Terrier Cross

Age: Approx nine months old

Gender: ​Female

Can live with dogs?  Yes

Can live with cats?  No

Can live with kids?  Yes 

Introducing Bella who is now ready for her forever home! Bella came to us after being spotted on a pet selling site by one of our followers, who was extremely concerned by the advert and the fact she had been with her current family for only one day and was being passed on again due to a 'change of circumstances. She has been estimated to be around nine months old and is possibly a JRT x Beagle mix.

Bella is very good with babies and children but is very bouncy and loves nothing more than playing with and being around children.  She has lived with and been in foster with babies through to older teens.

Bella is good with other dogs and can live with or without them.  She is very playful and has a lot of energy, so a big garden and/or lots of exercise is a must. Bella doesn’t cope well left alone at all, especially for long periods of time, to the point where she has made herself sick with anxiety, though she has never been destructive. This is something that may improve as she settles in a forever home, but she would suit a home where someone is with her for most of the time.  She can not be locked away for this reason, but is fine when left in the home roaming about with a doggy companion.  Bella needs a cat-free home or she will chase! 

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