Patrice (aka Paddy) Paddy – Ready for Adoption

  • Age: 2-3 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Crossbreed

Paddy came to us from Romania after being run over by a car and left by the roadside to die.

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Our lovely boy Patrice (Paddy) is now ready for adoption. Paddy came to us a few weeks ago, having been run over in Romania and left to die by the side of the road. Paddy was still unable to weight-bear on one of his front legs when he arrived, though two sets of X-rays have shown there is no fracture.
During his first few weeks in foster, Paddy’s walks consisted of mainly hopping with limited use of the front paw, though he did use it tentatively on occasion. He was assessed at one of our vets, who believed that with time, pain relief (an injection of Loxicom) and possibly physiotherapist/hydrotherapy if needed, Paddy should slowly recover and start to use the leg again fully.
Certainly, since his injection, Paddy has started to weight-bear more and more on the leg and his foster family say he now walks normally around 60% of the time, with more improvement each day. The ligaments/muscle now appear to be strengthening more with each walk and Paddy is starting to trust his leg more to carry him.
He is absolutely loving life and everyone who meets Paddy absolutely loves him – from vets to passers-by on his walks. His foster family say he is an absolute joy to have around.
We think Paddy is around 2-3 years old. He hasn’t lived with other dogs but for the main part is fine with them on walks, though he will react if they bound over to him or show any aggression towards him. Ideally, Paddy needs to be an only dog as he hasn’t lived with dogs in a home environment. He hasn’t lived with young children, but has been fine with visiting children. As he’s quite big and will occasionally mouth with excitement, we would like him to go with older children (12+) and he isn’t cat tested so will need a cat-free home.