Ozzy – Needs Foster Home

  • Gender Male
  • Breed Labrador
  • Age: 7 years
  • Adoption fee £200

Ozzy needs a very specific and special type of home and person so please read about him and really consider what he needs before applying.

Ozzy came to us after his owner passed away. From what we know Ozzy was a working lab and still carries many of these traits and always will.

Ozzy is seven years old and he resource guards both his food and crate space, though this can be managed completely in the right home. Ozzy is never going to be the stereotypical lab. He will never be a snuggly, kissy, cuddly lab. He will need strict rules in the home environment in order to gain his trust and respect.

He may try to bite you until he knows you, knows you understand the rules he needs and has a bond with you. He will try to push the boundaries and test the limits to see what he can get away with. For this reason we really think a one-person household would suit Ozzy the most. It’s what’s he’s been used to for most of his life and be definitely seems to attach himself to one person.

Ozzy is currently living with our behaviourist in Liverpool. When you go to meet Ozzy, John will train you in how to deal with Ozzy and his behaviours. Ozzy is an incredible dog who came to us with huge issues and he has come on in leaps and bounds. He will be such a loyal companion to the right person.

Ozzy is brilliant with walking on the lead. Recall is good and he will sleep in his crate. He will happily take himself into his the crate through the day when things become a little overwhelming or he needs some quiet time.

Ozzy is brilliant with other dogs and good with food around other dogs. He will move away while eating his dinner if told to do so, so you can move him away then take his bowl if needed. He has been around chickens and wasn’t fazed. He travels well in a car.

He has been good taking affection from John and we are hoping to find someone else who can do the same. To put the time and effort in and chisel through Ozzy’s shell to get to the amazing dog inside.

He can live with another calm, sensible dog but cannot live with children and must be kept totally separate from any visiting children. A farm environment or smallholding would be perfect for Ozzy.

If you are interested in Ozzy and think you can offer him the home he needs please fill in an application form and we can answer any further questions.