Bubble and Squeak – Reserved

  • Gender Male and female
  • Age: 11 weeks old
  • Breed Wire-haired Dachshund
  • Adoption fee £300 per puppy

Bubble and Squeak are now ready for their forever homes. As you may remember, these little wire-haired dachshunds came to us a few weeks ago with ‘swimmer’s legs’, a condition they are born with that means they cannot stand so they lie with their legs splayed out like turtles. Fortunately, this condition is treatable and can be fully cured.

They went into foster with our special puppy foster-mum who has worked her usual magic and we now have normal little running, jumping, climbing little puppies who are now ready to start their new adventures with forever families.

Quite early on we made the decision to split the pair as Squeak (female) is quite dominating over Bubble (male). Even in the short time they were with me when they were handed over, Squeak constantly bit, nibbled and generally harassed Bubble and this has continued in the foster home.

Both puppies are used to being around children and both would benefit from having another dog in their new homes.

Their new homes need to be local to Derby/Nottingham as they are on neuter contracts, meaning we will pay for them to be spayed/castrated when they are old enough. You will therefore need to be within driving distance of one of them.

If you are interested in adopting Bubble or Squeak, please fill in an application form at yappyeverafter.org.uk 🐾